Below are fitness-related products and companies I swear by. Click around and enjoy!  


TRX Training

Earn Your Better.  It's been an honor to be a master trainer for this company since 2008.  I truly believe in the product and the education.  Follow this link to purchase product, educational courses, and digital downloads.  Make Your Body Your Machine!  

*I do receive a small percentage of proceeds from purchases though this link.



I am obsessed with this water bottle. It tracks my water intake through an app on my phone, and lights up in beautiful colors when I am behind on my hydration for the day. There is a social aspect that lets me connect to other users and “compete” to see who is reaching their hydration goals for the day. This may seem cheesy but this one simple product has absolutely changed my bad habit of not drinking enough to match my training (or drinking too many of the wrong things).

*I do receive a small percentage of proceeds from purchases through this link.



Most folks agree that the hardest part of staying on track with your healthy eating (and money saving!) goals is having healthy foods readily available.  Sometimes it's easiest to just throw in a pizza - or run and grab a burger.  Once A Month Meals SAVED ME.  It's really simple: you pick from thousands of recipes every month and the system populates a shopping list, freezer bag stickers, and cooking day instructions.  You spend one day a month cooking your heart out, and then you are left with a month's worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!  Gluten Free and Paleo options are plenty.  This has been a LIFESAVER for us.  For $16/month (or less) you get all of this AND a helpful community of other freezer cookers.
*I do receive a small percentage of proceeds from purchases through this link.



It's no secret that I've never been able to cook.  I dedicated the year of 2016 to learning how - not only for my personal health, but the health of my expanding family.  Blue Apron sends a box of incredibly fresh ingredients weekly, complete with detailed recipes that even I could handle!  We found ourselves enjoying different veggies, ethnic dishes, and cooking styles with each meal!  The key to healthy nutrition is variety and portion control, all which you can get from Blue Apron Meals!  
*I do receive a small percentage of proceeds from purchases through this link.



All athletes (and well, anybody really) can value from a regular massage.  In fact, recovery between workouts is what most athletes neglect the most.  Move better, feel better, and become an overall healthier and more balanced person with regular massage.  And I am clearly biased, but I do believe Peter Verstegen gives the best massages in Madison, Wisconsin.  



I've always been a fan of wearable technologies and the motivation and feedback they provide.  After trying many brands, I always come back to Fitbit products.  I feel they are more durable, more accurate, and have a much larger social outreach (think COMPETITION!) than any other wearable.  I keep it simple with my Fitbit Flex, but they have many options available!  Want to play with me?  Find me on Fitbit!



I truly believe that tracking fuel and fitness is the secret to weight loss and athletic success.  I've tried many calorie and fitness trackers, and a few years ago landed on My Fitness Pal.  Not only is it incredibly user friendly, but the social sharing is KEY!  Through this app, I am able to view my clients' weekly intake and fitness with just one click.  We can also congratulate each other and keep one another motivated through the social program.  My Fitness Pal is key in my 30 Day Challenge!  Join me on My Fitness Pal Though This Link.  



I can honestly say there is no gym in the world like this one.  What makes it so wonderful?  The people.  Our little hidden gym has the top trainers and group fitness instructors in the United States.  I am also a personal fan of our playroom, which is second to none.  Grey has learned so much in there and as a mom, I have had no doubts leaving him in this wonderful staff's care since he was 3 days old.  Our gym may not be fancy, but if you want to go "where everybody knows your name" and CARES about your comfort, safety, health, and fitness... Supreme is your place.  



Fun.  Unique.  Athletic. Historic.  There are so many reasons why I love the sport of log rolling and why I started this company with Olivia Judd.  Join us on the shores of Lake Wingra, or in the pools of Supreme Health and Fitness & Madison West YMCA.  Warning, this sport is addicting; VERY addicting.  And you may get fit.  Like REALLY in shape.  Loads of new friends and laughter?  That too.



The world's hungriest athletes live by a code, a pledge to themselves and everyone else: "Protect This House. I Will."  
At Under Armour, our mission is simple: to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Our team works to build the world’s most innovative performance products. Everything we make is designed with the athlete in mind to ensure the very best quality and performance. When you put on an Under Armour product, it’s making you better.