Shana's 30-Day Challenge


No Supplements. 

No MLM. 

No Gimmicks. 

Just hard work, tracking, and FUN!


Since announcing the 30-Day Challenge I’ve gotten some fantastic questions!  Here are some answers...


so how does this whole thing work?

You will receive a daily e-mail filled with fitness tips, great reads, and recipes.  At the beginning of every week you will also receive a resistance training workout that is not required but encouraged!The rest of the work is up to you.  At the end of every week you will fill out a form asking the following:

  • Number of days meals were tracked (7 possible points)

  • Number of hours of cardiovascular exercise completed (5 possible points)

  • Number of resistance training workouts (5 possible points)

  • If a particular bonus healthy habit was completed (3 possible points)

There are 80 possible points in the challenge.  All participants who reach 50 points or more will be entered in a drawing to win one of three prizes:

  • $60 to Under Armour Website

  • A Week of Meals from Blue Apron

  • A Table Massage from Exergy Massage (local participants only)

 The top point earner will receive their choice of a TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX Rip Trainer, OR $100 to the Under Armour Website.

60 Days after the end of the challenge one more form will be sent out.  This form will be used to record healthy activities done beyond the reaches of our challenge.   All who reach 80 points (out of a possible 140) will receive an Under Armour Prize! 

Can I still Participate if I don't live in Madison?

Absolutely!  A big reason for creating this challenge was so that I could help my friends living outside of Wisconsin through online coaching.  This web-based program is open to anybody in the world!

Do I have to follow a specific meal plan?

Absolutely not.  I understand it can be helpful to have a direct meal plan to follow when trying to achieve weight loss goals, however I follow the strict belief that a specific meal plan should ONLY be prescribed by a registered dietitian.  This program is all about you tracking your food intake and doing what works best for you and your family.  Most of us know WHAT to eat; it’s a matter of making the right choices!  

Do we HAVE to do the workouts you send?

Once again, absolutely not!  I will be sending one workout a week as an option for those looking for some variety in their routine.  These will be Functional strength based workouts focusing on all of the major foundational movements.   But this 30-Day Challenge is meant to be paired with ANY fitness plan you enjoy.  CrossFit, Triathlon Training, Rock Climbing, or simply going on regular walks will all fit into this program perfectly!

Do I have to weigh myself?

NO!  This is not a “weight loss challenge”.  True, most participants will have weight loss as a goal (and will achieve it!) however my goal for this challenge is for you to find a healthy balance of good nutrition and regular activity.  My previous experience with weight loss challenges are that people take last minute drastic measures to become the “winner” and gain all, if not more, of the weight back at the end.  A weight measurement is on the weekly form you will submit, but it is 100% optional.

I’m not looking to lose weight.  Can I still benefit from this challenge?

YES!  This is the perfect challenge for you!  This challenge is all about making healthier food choices, and adding a great variety of fitness activities into your life; something anybody can benefit from!  We have some challenge participants even looking to gain some weight – which believe it or not – for some people, is just as hard as losing weight.  

So if you aren’t writing a specific meal plan, and you aren’t writing me a personal workout, what on earth ARE you doing? 

A fantastic (and totally fair) question!  Every week you will have a form to fill out listing your daily caloric intake and fitness activities (also some bonus point options).  I will be tallying points and contacting you if I see any red flags.  Your weekly e-mails will contain a fun workout to try, one or two healthy recipes, and a bonus theme for the week.  I will be following you all on My Fitness Pal, and communicating with everybody daily through our private Facebook Group.

Will we receive any personal attention?

Sure thing!  If you have any questions about your fitness plan, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail.  I will also interact with you via My Fitness Pal and our private Facebook Group.  

Why are you cutting off the numbers at 100?

In order to keep this somewhat personal, I don’t want the numbers to get out of control!  Also, if I allow more than 100 participants in, you will have a smaller chance at winning one of the great prizes!  

Will your handsome husband give me a massage after all of this working out?

He will be happy to schedule you in for an appointment if you are local.  :)